Sunday, June 27, 2010

A picture worth a thousand words - A bubble?

Weekend Reading - Southern Alberta Bakken Basin

Notice the first area profiled is the Southern Alberta Bakken Basin. As the author points out, the most prospective area is in Glacier County west of the Cut Bank field. Of course MVW's Red Creek field is in Glacier County and west of the Cut Bank field but nobody has figured that one out yet. MVW is the only Canadian junior in Glacier County......with a $2 million market cap and 3.5 million shares in the float. The ultimate leveraged oil stock of any on the TSX that I can see at the moment. ROSE gives their 2ndQ update in less than 45 days where we will here their progress. MVW not waiting for anyone and drilling a vertical to test the Bakken. Keep that volume low for now as I am still accumulating.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Four Horsemen of the Alberta Basin Bakken Oil Play

Hi Friends,

It's been a while since I've had the chance to publish research on the Canadian junior exploration sector and I apologize for that lapse. I'm also the Executive Director of Finance for a major publicly traded media/licensing company and I've been occupied over the last few months with the sale of a large part of the business which I can happily say has now closed. With that being said, I have uncovered a very tight share structure Bakken oil play in an area that is garnering considerable excitement from resource analysts and institutions in both Canada and the U.S. I've called the report "The Four Horsemen of the Southern Alberta Basin Bakken Oil Play" which follows up on two reports I did in 2008 on the Four Horsemen of the Utica Shale and the Four Horsemen of the Maritime Shale. I hope you enjoy reading it and remember....this is just a starting point for your own due diligence:

I'd also like to call your attention to the activities of Colt Resources (GTP in Canada; COLTF in the US). I brought them to your attention in September last year at $.10 and they are now in the $.35 range. You can find the latest news at the top left of my website linked below. They will be doing a major US promotion starting next month and their high grade tungsten and gold properties look extremely attractive. They recently completed over $2 million in a private placement. Please note I have been retained by them to provide investor awareness services:

I introduced you to Lovitt Resources in November at $.37 and their share price is in the $.50 range. I recently participated in their private placement and your should hear some news next week on their near-term drilling plans which are targeting high grade gold veins on their Lovitt and then their Matthews property. There are many good links on their website below:

Finally, after one of my early year favorites Kinetex (KTX) ran from $.17/share when I introduced them to you to $.42 back in April, May and June has not been kind to them as they are now 45 days late in filing their year-end financials and the share price has fallen back to the $.16 range. They are scheduled to release their financials on Monday and I expect them to be strong. If I am right, the share price should start to recover. For those who don't have a position, wait until Tuesday to see what their results look like and if they are as good as I suspect, it would be worth your while to look into them further as long as changes are made at the company. My initial report can be accessed below. Just a note - I have been highly critical of management in a public forum as they have failed to issue their annual financials on time two years in row. This is unacceptable. Before making a new or additional investment in the company, I would wait for
management changes as the current management lacks some of the basic qualities one should expect in a publicly traded company.

Thanks as always for reading and have a safe and enjoyable Summer.

Vince "Stateside" Marciano

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Colt Resources Doing All the Right Things

Colt Resources has been making remarkable progress over the past year. From advancing it's two high grade gold and tungsten projects, to closing subscriptions for $2.1 million this year to taking the steps to make it easier for US investors to purchase it's stock (COLTF - new pink sheet symbol...soon to be on the OTC), Colt has been one of the "go to" junior exploratation stocks over the past 9 months. I brought Colt to your attention in September last year at $.10 per share and the price has climbed steadily to the mid-$.30 level. Quite an achievement considering the stress in the junior exploration market. Keep watching as their is more good news to come over the next few weeks.

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