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December 4, 2012 - Back to videos tomorrow - Gold/Silver Crushed Again

In this environment, I can't blame juniors for not wanting to release any news. All news, good or bad, prompts nothing but selling from the funds, especially Canaccord who continue to almost single-handily destroy the junior market. Management of the gold and silver juniors should take appropriate action next time Canaccord comes knocking to assist with a private placement. Nothing of significance to report today. Back tomorrow....same bat time....same bat channel. stateside

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December 3, 2012 - Traveling on business - One Headline

Hi, Today and tomorrow I'm traveling on business but did have time to check the markets. A sloooooow day for news. The only noteworthy press release is provided below for your review. See ya tomorrow! Pilot Gold Inc Symbol C : PLG Shares Issued 85,210,333 Close 2012-11-30 C$ 1.80 Pilot Gold drills 12 m of 193 g/t Au at TV Tower 2012-12-03 07:25 ET - News Release Dr. Moira Smith reports PILOT GOLD REPORTS 193 G/T GOLD OVER 12.0 METRES AT TV TOWER, TURKEY Pilot Gold Inc. has released assay results from eight new diamond drill holes from the 2012 program at the TV Tower project in Turkey continue to return long intervals of gold, silver and copper mineralization with areas of exceptionally high grades. Drill hole KCD-50 highlights the third consecutive set of strong assay results at the Kucukdag (KCD) target, returning 193 g/t gold, 9.8 g/t silver and 0.46% copper over 12.0 metres. Visible gold (see photo: was confirmed in several veins within this interval, which is located at a vertical depth of 100 metres from surface. "Our recent results reinforce that our drilling program is targeted and effective, and will help us further refine our drilling strategy to highlight high-potential targets going forward," said Moira Smith, Pilot Gold's Chief Geologist. "The location of the intercept and the near-perpendicular orientation of the gold-bearing veins relative to the hole orientation suggest this intercept may reflect true width of the zone. The intervals form part of a newly recognized stratiform zone of mineralization that may have significant dimensions."

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Tried really hard to find one note worthy press release

But I failed. I don't want to waste your time tonight - there were no press releases I found interesting so it's back to business full time Monday. Nice to see gold up $20 and silver up $.75. Have a great weekend! stateside

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A quick 5 minute video on what might be..............

Zero Hedge should be your daily stop for the news you need that you will never get from the mainstream financial press. .

3 Press Releases and a Value Play

Happy Thanksgiving Eve, I don't have time for a video tonight but there were 3 press releases that you may want to look at tonight. Atac Resources (ATC) announced additional drilling results from their Rackla project. Bengal Energy (BNG) announced a new oil discovery in the Cooper Basin of Australia and Chalice Gold Mines (CXN) announced assays from their Mogoraib drilling. On the value play, Opawica (OPW) announced the start of drilling on their Teck-Kirkland project. They are trading at $.035 and have 110 million shares out for a $4 million market cap. They own 9.9 million shares of San Gold (SGR) which trades at $.92/share so they have $9 million of shares that they can sell in January 2013. The market as in so many cases doesn't care. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Chinese Gold Imports Surge In September, YTD Total Surpasses Official Indian Holdings

While the bankrupt Canadian and US banks continue to sell paper gold, the Chinese continue to accumulate physical gold as the time draws closer when the western financial world runs out of gold to sell. At that point, it is game over. Link here

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November 5, 2012 Edition of the Stateside Report


Some natural gas Q&A with President of Ultra Petroleum

More discussion on production and pricing in the Q&A (below). Looks like Watford is forecasting production to start falling in a couple months, then to continue to fall for 2 years until we have $5+ natgas to spur investment...and this comes from the company that claims the lowest cash cost of production. ---------------- …David R. Tameron - Wells Fargo Securities, LLC, Research Division If you got what you're looking for as far as the $4. And as you have been consistent about that and saying how much better the economics are, with the uplift, why not go ahead and lock in some hedges for '14 today and secure that CapEx budget? Michael D. Watford - Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President Well, because I think the upside is greater. I think it's limited the downside -- upside. I don't think people are properly forecasting gas supply reductions. David R. Tameron - Wells Fargo Securities, LLC, Research Division All right. But no -- I guess, I'm looking at -- obviously, you're running the company, you're making decisions, but why double down at this point? You've got the gas price rebound you're looking for and why not take some that risk off the table? Michael D. Watford - Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President Again, because the upside looks greater. I mean, we still have bottom, but we're nowhere near bouncing back up to where we need to be. There's just not going to be any significant investment in dry natural gas wells at $4 gas, not going happen. So I think we're probably in a 2-year window here before we get gas prices back at $5 plus to where you growth and investment I think you're going to continue to see industry-wide investment decrease in 2013 and '14. …Mark P. Hanson - Morningstar Inc., Research Division Great. And my follow-up will be, have you had discussions with Shell and Anadarko? And I know it's for 2013 and beyond, but at what point do you think they start to ramp back up in the Marcellus? And is there a floor at which you'd choose to not consent versus participating there? Michael D. Watford - Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President I won't speak for Shell, but I think Anadarko didn't have any intentions of ramping back up probably until you get closer to $5 gas price. So I think 2013 and certainly 0 activity and depending on where the 2014 gas prices the, when you're this the next year, will dictate what happens then. And that's my point about I think for a 3-year window here of decreasing supply because I think majority of the folks have drastically cut back going through the budget cycle in 2013. And those cutbacks are going to continue or be worse. I mean you've seen them average through the course of 2012. You're going to see them at a very low level for 2013. And then when you go budgeting cycle for 2014, your gas prices are $5 or above for '14. You'll see that continue if they are, and they start to spend back up, you don't even get a production increases based on the capital spend uplift in 2014 to late third quarter or fourth quarter of 2014. So I think we've got 24 months of maybe we have another couple of months of flat production. But after that, it starts coming down, and it keeps coming down for the next 2 years. source:

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No news from Friday - Looking forward to the week

Now that the precious metals have been taken out back and beaten like a rented mule in the run-up to the Tuesday elections, it's time to sit back and see what happens. I'll have a video Monday night then take Tuesday night off for the elections. As Jim Sinclair stated this weekend, on Tuesday we find out if gold hits $3,000 per ounce in 6-9 months or by 2015. It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when.

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Some stocks to consider this week

Ginguro Exploration (GEG in CAD, GNGXF in US) and Endurance Gold (EDG in CAD, ENDGF in US): Ginguro owns 55% of the Pardo project in Canada with Endurance 45%. They have been drilling since September. They are comparing the geology to the worlds largest gold deposits - Witswatersrand in South Africa. Watch the 10 minute video on the Ginguro website. What's the catalyst? - Strong buying volume on Ginguro by the institutions who participated in the last private placement - may be a sign of a leak?................................ Artha Resources (AHC in CAD - ATHCF in US). Should announce financing soon for their first ever drill program 100 meters from where Silver Standard is hitting high grade silver over significant widths just north of their operating Pirquitas Mine - one of the largest silver mines in the world............................ Oando Energy (OER in CAD - ONDOF in US) is a "mini" Mart Resources with exploration and production assets in Nigeria. 100 million shares out but only 5 million in the float as their parent company owns 94% of the stock. Once more investors catch on to this story, the stock will be trading at twice these levels...................... Birch Lake Energy (BLK in CAD only). Will start drilling their first well soon in the Lochend area. Tri Oil is their neighbor and have hit significant wells. Acreage at land sale going for over $2,000/acre this month. Stock seeing volume - I profiled Birch Lake several months ago in an Under The Rocks report. I was early............... Aguila American (AGL in CAD, AGLAF in US) - Profiled last week in an update send out to all of my contacts. Stock hasn't moved even though drilling announced. In my seven years of following this sector day in and day out, this is as close to a gold discovery pre-drill results I have ever seen. Obviously no one agrees with me hence the dead stock price. That's ok - check back in 4-6 weeks............................ For those along the East Coast - head for high land and be safe.................. stateside

Zero Hedge should be served for breakfast, lunch and dinner

For those of you who have not found, please make this site your "must-have" site for economic/precious metals news that you will not get anywhere else. Wondering why the market dropped 50 pts in a few minutes, check zero hedge. Why did gold just go up $10/oz, check zero hedge. Why is Europe imploding, check zero hedge. Why is the US govt performing war games in a North Carolina suburb, check zero hedge. Want to understand in simple terms a complex derivative issue, check zero hedge. I would pay $50/per month for access to this site. For now, you get it for free. Zero Hedge

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Well worth your time this Sunday

I found this video comforting as gold gets whacked again Sunday evening: Bonds and gold - watch it HERE. stateside

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October 2012 "Flash Update" sent out tonight

An October 2012 "Flash Update" has been sent to everyone on my contact list Sunday evening. If you are not on my list, please send an email to See you on Monday for the next nightly video.

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Xmet and Excalibur reports will come out mid-week

Due to the holiday in Canada, I'll be getting the Xmet and Excalibur reports out mid-week.

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No video today - family emergency

Due to a family emergency, there will not be a video tonight. I'll be back tomorrow night as usual. Stateside

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Report on Alexandria Minerals sent out today

Good Evening, Those on my contact list should have received an email with a link to the October 2012 Under the Rocks report on Alexandria Minerals. If not, please send me an email to and I'll get the link out to you. stateside

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September 20, 2012 Edition of the Stateside Report


You Tube having issues tonight ..........

I did a great 15 minute video and you tube has been "processing" it for 2 hours now. Hopefully it posts soon. stateside

Great Xmet News Today - Now 1.5 million Gold Ounces

Xmet to acquire Duquesne mine 2012-09-20 09:13 ET - News Release Also News Release (C-CFO) Clifton Star Resources Inc Mr. Charles Beaudry of Xmet reports XMET TO PURCHASE CLIFTON STAR'S DUQUESNE MINE PROPERTY CONSOLIDATING THE DUQUESNE DISTRICT'S 1,233,000 INFERRED & 355,000 INDICATED OZ. AU Xmet Inc. has entered into a purchase agreement with Clifton Star Resources Inc. to acquire its 100-per-cent-owned mineral claims from Clifton Star (known as the Duquesne mine), which claims are immediately adjacent to Xmet's flagship Duquesne-Ottoman project in the province of Quebec. This agreement is scheduled to close concurrently with Xmet's previously announced purchase agreement for Brionor Resources Inc.'s Pitt gold project. These two acquisitions will consolidate all of the Duquesne district NI 43-101-compliant gold resources. As set forth in the NI 43-101 technical report (available under Clifton Star's corporate profile on SEDAR), the Duquesne mine is an NI 43-101-compliant gold ounce resource totalling 1,859,200 tonnes at 3.33 grams per tonne equalling 199,000 ounces Au at the indicated level and 1,563,100 tonnes at 5.58 grams per tonnes equalling 280,000 ounces at the inferred level. The Duquesne mine property is immediately adjacent to the eastern boundary of Xmet's Duquesne-Ottoman project. Xmet's Duquesne-Ottoman project which hosts its own compliant resource of 4.17 million tonnes at 6.36 grams per tonne uncut equalling 853,000 inferred ounces Au and as indicated in the Xmet's news release of May 16, Xmet has agreed to acquire Brionor Resources Inc.'s Pitt resource, which is an NI 43-101-compliant gold ounce resource of 600,000 tonnes at 7.83 grams per tonne equalling 156,000 ounces Au at the indicated level and 476,000 tonnes at 6.91 grams per tonnes equalling 100,000 ounces at the inferred level. Xmet plans on updating technical reports on all three contiguous properties, Pitt resource, Duquesne mine and Duquesne-Ottoman, within the coming months, to include all drilling and developments that have occurred since their respective reports were published and that are not included in the above resource calculations. The completion of both the Clifton Star and Brionor transactions will increase the gold resource on Xmet's combined Duquesne-Ottoman property to 1,233,000 inferred and 355,000 indicated NI 43-101-compliant Au ounces. "We believe we've negotiated very favourable terms to acquire both the Brionor and Clifton Star properties. These strategic 100-per-cent-owned acquisitions will almost double Xmet's compliant gold resource and will eliminate any contractual obligations for option payments or work obligations. This puts Xmet in a position to continue to explore the many targets that our technical team has identified. We view the consolidation of the Duquesne district complete, and with Clifton Star developing its 1.7-million-ounce indicated and 1.7-million-ounce inferred Au on their Duparquet property immediately west of the Duquesne district, the region as a whole certainly has a lot of potential to become a major producer," said Charles Beaudry, president and chief executive officer of Xmet. RESOURCE TABLE FOR THE EASTERN DUPARQUET DISTRICT CONSOLIDATION Indicated ounces Inferred ounces Tonnes Grade Ounces Tonnes Grade Ounces Xmet's Duquesne- Ottoman 4,171,000 6.36 853,000 Clifton Star's Duquesne mine 1,860,000 3.33 199,000 1,560,000 5.58 280,000 Brionor's Pitt resource 600,000 7.83 156,000 476,000 6.91 100,000 355,000 1,233,000 In exchange for 100-per-cent ownership of the Duquesne mine property, Xmet has agreed to issue Clifton Star a maximum of 19.9 per cent of its outstanding shares after Xmet has exercised its option from Globex. Completion of the transaction is subject to a number of conditions, including but not limited to the exercise of Xmet's option to purchase a minimum 75-per-cent interest in Duquesne-Ottoman project (see Xmet's press release dated March 5, 2012) and obtaining any necessary approvals, as well as the acceptance of the TSX Venture Exchange. The Duquesne mine property was developed as an underground mining operation starting in 1941, and by the time it closed at the end of 1952, the property produced 103,883 tonnes averaging 10.25 g/t Au extracted from a three-compartment shaft down to a depth of 228 metres and further developments on a total of nine levels down to a depth of about 393 metres. The shaft was dewatered and rehabilitated in 1987, and further underground development led to extraction of 93,156 tonnes of material at an average grade of 9.40 g/t Au. The Duquesne mine property was the subject of exploration work by Clifton Star, and the company published the results of this work as first-ever NI 43-101-compliant resource estimate on July 26, 2011. The NI 43-101-compliant resource was estimated from recent drilling done in the immediate vicinity of the existing shaft. However, many holes drilled farther to the east and west, along the same structure, were not included in the estimate. Xmet management estimates that a limited infill drilling program may be sufficient to generate additional compliant resources on the property. Moreover there are known mineralized zones to the west of the shaft and near the northwestern boundary of the property that merit additional drill testing. The Clifton Star agreement is part of a larger initiative undertaken by Xmet management, which includes the purchase of 100-per-cent ownership of the Pitt resource, located immediately to the west of the Duquesne-Ottoman property. Xmet has agreed to issue Brionor a maximum of 10.56 per cent of its outstanding shares after Xmet has exercised its option from Globex. Completion of the transaction is subject to a number of conditions, including but not limited to the exercise of Xmet's option to purchase a 75-per-cent interest in Duquesne-Ottoman project (see Xmet's press release dated March 5, 2012) and obtaining any necessary approvals, as well as the acceptance of the TSX Venture Exchange. The Pitt zone aligns with Xmet's Stinger zone, where Xmet has delineated a gold resource. The intervening area has been insufficiently drill tested, mainly due to drill permitting complexity related to positioning of drill collars, an issue that will be solved by the purchase of the Pitt property. Between the Pitt and Stinger zones, there are over 900 metres of strike along this horizon and at depth, which are open for additional exploration and discovery. With the completion of the acquisition of the Pitt gold project, drill permitting issues will be largely eliminated, and this target area will be a focus of the company's exploration in the near future. Xmet is also very pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Beaudry to president and CEO of the company, effectively immediately. Mr. Beaudry succeeds Alexander Stewart who has been appointed executive chairman. Mr. Stewart says, "After 2-1/2 years of hard work by management in building this company to an important threshold, which will be culminated by these two acquisitions, I am confident that Charles will lead Xmet to a bright future."

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News from Friday - Comstock Metals Drilling

The only (but big) news from Friday is that Comstock announced they started drilling in the Yukon. I mentioned Comstock at $.145 several weeks ago and the stock has more than doubled during this time. Here is the story: Comstock Metals begins diamond drilling program at QV 2012-09-07 13:02 ET - News Release Mr. Rasool Mohammad reports COMSTOCK COMMENCES DRILLING AT VG ZONE ON QV PROJECT Comstock Metals Ltd. has commenced a diamond drilling program on the QV project in the White gold district in Yukon. The drilling program is designed to test strong gold enrichment discovered in trenches at the VG zone, including 3.31 grams per tonne gold over 95 metres from trench QVTR12-06 and 3.77 grams per tonne gold over 45 metres in QVTR12-15 (see Comstock news release dated Sept. 4, 2012). The gold mineralization occurs within lode quartz-carbonate veins, stockworks and breccias, as well as pyrite veinlets, fractures and disseminations, within a northeast-trending zone of strongly quartz-sercite-carbonate-altered felsic schists and granitic intrusives that has been defined over a minimum strike length of 390 metres, and is open to both the east and west. In addition to drilling, additional trenching and soil sampling are continuing to more closely define the limits of this gold anomaly. For detailed maps of the property and the locations, please visit the Comstock website. The 2012 drilling program is supervised by Jodie Gibson, PGeo, consultant for Comstock Metals, and Gordon Davidson, PGeol, director of Comstock Metals. Both are qualified persons as defined by National Instrument 43-101. Drill core will be cut in half using a diamond saw, with one-half placed in sealed bags, and delivered to Acme Analytical Laboratories Ltd. in Whitehorse, Yukon. The technical information in this release has been reviewed by both Mr. Davidson and Mr. Gibson.

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US and CAD markets closed Monday

Last night, I mistakenly said that the Canadian markets will be open Monday when in fact they will be closed as well for Labour Day. Enjoy the long 3 day weekend!

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Hurricane Isaac - hopefully you already have some cheap nat gas juniors

No video as there was not any significant news from Friday. However, as Isaac appears to be running right into the heart of the Gulf oil and gas industry, those beaten down juniors we've been buying as others have been throwing them away may yield some profits in the days/weeks ahead. Remember, gas rigs are at dangerously low levels so any significant damage to gulf rigs will cause Nat gas and the juniors to spike higher. I Hopefully FEMA has learned its lesson.

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No video - News from Excalibur Resources

Just one story from Friday worthy of your attention. Excalibur Resources (XBR) received their explosives permit which is the final permit needed to get to production: Excalibur Resources Ltd (2) Symbol C : XBR Shares Issued 45,560,965 Close 2012-08-16 C$ 0.17 Excalibur unit gains explosives permit in Mexico 2012-08-17 06:13 ET - News Release Mr. Tim Gallagher reports CATANAVA RECEIVES EXPLOSIVE PERMIT Excalibur Resources Ltd.'s 49-per-cent-owned subsidiary Minera Catanava SA de CV has received the permit for use of explosives from the Mexican military called Sedena (Secretary of National Defense). "As the final permit required to begin operations, this is a major milestone as it allows the company to order and use explosives under the supervision of the military and to open up adits on either side of the arroyo and begin processing higher-grade underground material at Camino and San Gil veins, rather than dump material which has been used for plant testing," commented Tim Gallagher, chairman. According to the company's joint venture partner, Don McLeroy, president of Minera Apolo SA de CV, who is managing the Catanava operation: "Over the last couple of months of testing we increased processing of dump material from one-to-two-hour batches to eight-hour test shifts and now have about 100 kilograms of concentrate ready to be refined. Although the plant is operational, we have experienced some mechanical equipment delays including replacing an electrical starter panel, getting parts for the slurry pump, cone crusher ... and are still working to increase recuperation on the large micron wave table. From a construction perspective, the last major item is the installation of the roof as the cement support columns have been built so we are now turning our attention to establishing the mine personnel to run the plant and go underground as well as ordering the required equipment." Excalibur is pursuing the micromining approach which is the search for small, near-surface ore shoots that can be extracted at a low cost. The Catanava project is in the Pinos gold district, in the state of Zacatecas, Mexico, which was discovered by the Spanish in 1546 and mined until the War of Independence in 1810, by Cornish miners from 1870 to 1911 and most recently by an individual miner from 1935 to 1941. Recent exploration work was undertaken through a Penoles/Bethlehem Steel joint venture from 1975 to 1983, All-North Resources in 1993/1994, Hecla Mining Company 1995-1997, and by Romarco Minerals from 2006-2007. Minera Catanava SA de CV is 51 per cent held by Minera Apolo SA de CV which owns and is providing the land, mineral and mining rights and management of the project, and 49 per cent is held by Excalibur which has provided the financing.

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No video - just one quick press release

The dog days of summer are upon us and Friday's are extremely quiet. I just have one press release of interest which I've highlighted below. See you Monday: Strategic Metals Ltd Symbol C : SMD Shares Issued 90,156,851 Close 2012-08-09 C$ 0.77 Strategic Metals closes $30-million (U.S.) royalty sale 2012-08-10 08:25 ET - News Release Mr. Douglas Eaton reports STRATEGIC METALS CLOSES SALE OF ROYALTY INTERESTS AND RECEIVES US$30 MILLION PAYMENT Strategic Metals Ltd.'s royalty purchase transaction reported on Aug. 3, 2012, has now closed. Strategic has received $30-million (U.S.) and sold its royalty interests in the Casino, Logtung and Wolverine deposits to 8248567 Canada Ltd., an arm's-length purchaser. Strategic will receive an additional cash payment of $6-million (U.S.) if the operator of the Casino project has obtained all necessary permits and authorizations prior to Dec. 31, 2016, to construct and operate the project as a producing mine. With the closing of the royalty sale, Strategic has increased its cash position to approximately $51-million and owns marketable shares of other resource companies currently valued at approximately $41-million. These shareholdings include 9.6 per cent of ATAC Resources Ltd., 18.8 per cent of Silver Range Resources Ltd., 28.0 per cent of Rockhaven Resources Ltd, 19.9 per cent of Precipitate Gold Corp. and 19.9 per cent of Wolverine Minerals Corp.

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Technical Issues - August 7, 2012

I recorded the video today but youtube is having technical difficulties. Below are the press releases of note today: Canaco Resources Inc Symbol C : CAN Shares Issued 199,788,103 Close 2012-08-03 C$ 0.40 Canaco decreases 2012 budget to $3.5-million 2012-08-07 06:54 ET - News Release Mr. Andrew Smith reports CANACO ANNOUNCES REVISED SIX MONTH BUDGET AND GRANTS OPTIONS Canaco Resources Inc.'s board of directors has approved a revised budget of $3.5-million for the six months ending Dec. 31, 2012, reduced from $11-million as previously announced (refer to the company's news release dated May 31, 2012). In regards to this news, Canaco President and CEO, Andrew Lee Smith, commented: "Steps have been taken to reduce company operating costs with the preservation of capital and advancement of project development as our top priorities. Canaco has strategic assets in the form of a $95 million treasury and the Handeni property, which provide capacity to create shareholder value in challenging resource markets. In parallel with ongoing engineering, the Board and management are currently evaluating a number of potential opportunities for strategic alternatives for growth." As announced on August 2, 2012, Canaco has entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with an arm's length third party, a Chinese gold producer, to create a joint venture to develop Canaco's Magambazi project in Tanzania. The MOU is non-binding and subject to certain conditions including, but not limited to, the completion of due diligence and a positive economic evaluation by the Chinese third party. "This agreement creates the possibility for the development of Magambazi to proceed without the requirement for financial contributions by Canaco during the earn-in period," Smith said. "In response to the potential development of a joint venture, management has taken the decision to defer the completion of a Magambazi PEA pending third-party economic evaluations, further reflecting our commitment to preserving cash in this market environment." Engineering work at Magambazi will include the completion of environmental baseline reports along with flow sheet design and site plan development to continue advancing the permitting process and provide a basis for the completion of the PEA, if required. The Board has granted an aggregate of 6,000,000 stock options to directors, officers and consultants pursuant to Canaco's Stock Option Plan. The options have an exercise price of $0.40 per share and an expiry date of August 3, 2017. We seek Safe Harbor. Planetary Resources Inc., an asteroid-mining venture backed by Google Inc. (GOOG) executives, said it added more billionaire investors and is nearing a partnership agreement with a "top-10" mining company. Planetary Resources has "new billionaires to add to the list we've announced," co-founder Eric Anderson said in an Aug. 3 telephone interview, declining to identify them. "There are a number of other people you know who've decided to come on board as investors. We've got a lot of people who are committed to the long-term cause." The venture said in April it has the backing of Ross Perot Jr., Google's Chief Executive Officer Larry Page, Chairman Eric Schmidt and former Goldman Sachs Group Inc. Co-Chairman John C. Whitehead. The company aims to be the first to harness potentially trillions of dollars of minerals including platinum group metals by using robotic technology to mine asteroids. "If their step-by-step road map goes to plan, I think it could be quite promising in the longer term," Ben Taylor, a research fellow in the planetary environments team at the University of Surrey in Guildford, England, said by phone. "We can identify the minerals on the asteroids from orbital surveying, but it becomes a question of whether it's still going to be cheaper to extract the very small amount that's on earth compared to the cost of extraction on an asteroid." While Planetary Resources has "enough funding for several years of operations" including its initial prospecting missions, the Seattle-based company would consider an initial public offering for future financing needs, Anderson said. Low Orbit "I would love to take the company public someday," he said. "I think it's really important for the public to have a chance to be part of this, but not until we're ready. We need to fly to space first." Planetary Resources intends to launch a telescopic space surveyor into Earth's low orbit in less than two years to identify potential metal- and water-rich asteroids and begin prospecting within four years. Platinum deposits on Earth originated on asteroids that collided with the planet and a single metallic asteroid with a 500-meter diameter likely contains more than all that's been extracted on Earth, according to Planetary Resources. There are currently 10,000 known so-called near-Earth asteroids and 1,500 of those are "energetically as easy to reach as the Moon," according to the company's website. Richard Branson It signed an agreement with Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic LLC last month enabling its Arkyd-100 low-Earth orbit space telescopes to be launched via Virgin spacecraft. The company hopes to sign an accord with a large mining company within months and is seeking to partner with more firms, Anderson said. "We're in discussions with a major mining company that is certainly one of the top 10 in the world," he said, without naming the company. "It's a very preliminary agreement that would give them rights to co-invest with us and profit from initial asteroid missions." Planetary Resources plans to identify water-rich asteroids, essential "stepping stones" that could be used for refueling rockets and explorers in future space adventures, Anderson said in an April interview. Partnering with a mining company "should be very useful for them and obviously give them a lot more credibility in terms of this actually getting off the ground and working," University of Surrey's Taylor said. "They would obviously need to be careful that not too many existing processes which work on earth would be transferred to the space environment." NASA Veterans Anderson said his company wanted the mining industry as a partner, not as a competitor. "We're not planning to recreate the large mining companies of the world, we're going to keep our expertise to the space part," he said on Aug. 3. Planetary Resources has assembled a team of about 40 engineers, including National Aeronautics and Space Administration veterans, to help advance its plan, Anderson said. "We are very cognizant of the fact this is a very long- term project, we're not going to be returning platinum group metals from asteroids tomorrow," he said. "It's going to take a while." It also lists film director and producer James Cameron as an adviser on its website. Google board member Kavitark Ram Shriram and International Software Corp. founder Charles Simonyi are also investors. "Mining asteroids is clearly like eating a dinosaur. The way you eat a dinosaur is one bite at a time," Anderson said. We're doing it one bite at a time.'' To contact the reporters on this story: Jesse Riseborough in London at; Thomas Biesheuvel in London at To contact the editor responsible for this story: John Viljoen at Oromin Explorations Ltd (2) Symbol C : OLE Shares Issued 136,563,218 Close 2012-08-03 C$ 0.465 Oromin still on the block; OJVG studies on schedule 2012-08-07 09:40 ET - News Release Mr. Chet Idziszek reports OROMIN EXPLORATIONS LTD.: PROGRESS UPDATE FOR THE OJVG GOLD PROJECT Oromin Explorations Ltd.'s mineral resource estimate, and the reserve and feasibility study update announced on May 29, 2012, for the OJVG gold project remain on schedule. The mineral resource estimate is expected to be completed by early September and the Reserve and Feasibility update is expected in November. In addition, Oromin is continuing to work with its OJVG partners to assess development, financing and strategic alternatives towards maximizing project value, including discussions with various parties that could lead to a potential acquisition of Oromin. The OJVG Gold Project is an advanced stage, low risk construction-ready project with numerous options for development and further resource enhancement. A 15-year renewable mining license was granted by the Government of Senegal in January 2010. A positive feasibility study was completed in mid 2010 by SRK. This was followed by significant project enhancements including: a positive preliminary economic assessment of heap leach potential and resource update announced in May 2011; subsequent expansion of various deposits; and the announcement of new gold discoveries outlined by continued drilling through to December 2011. Oromin believes that the post feasibility study work by OJVG will add considerable project value through increases in open pit and underground mining potential and an extended mine life. Accordingly, OJVG has initiated the current update for the feasibility study to take into account all 2010 and 2011 drilling completed after the January 2010 data cut-off date used for the original 2010 study. Also, the final approval from the Government of Senegal for the project's Environmental and Social Impact Assessment ("ESIA") was received on May 29, 2012. Anconia Resources Corp Symbol C : ARA Shares Issued 38,552,864 Close 2012-08-03 C$ 0.24 Anconia starts 1,500-metre drilling at Marce 2012-08-07 10:35 ET - News Release Mr. Jason Brewster reports ANCONIA RESOURCES BEGINS DRILLING AT ITS MARCE OCCURRENCE IN NUNAVUT TERRITORY Anconia Resources Corp. has begun drilling has begun on its Marce occurrence located in Nunavut, Canada. Drill program The company has commenced a drilling program of up to 1,500 metres on the Marce occurrence, a VMS (volcanogenic massive sulphide) target that has a surface expression in the form of frost-heaved subcrop, which is coincident with a 1.3-kilometre geophysical signature consisting of magnetics, electromagnetics and gravity. In August and September of 2011, Anconia conducted a surface sampling program over the Marce occurrence, which returned the following values, 0.02 to 34.14 per cent zinc, nil to 19.2 grams per tonne gold, 0.6 to 2,100 g/t silver and 0.01 to 10.6 per cent copper, from a total of 43 samples (see press release dated Oct. 20, 2011). The samples are all taken from the conductor No. 5 on the Marce occurrence (see press release dated July 13, 2012, for more details), which is subparallel to a magnetically indicated iron formation. It is important to note that recent ground geophysics work has demonstrated that the gravity anomaly is associated with the conductor as opposed to the iron formation. The planned drill program will test the extent of the Marce occurrence and conductor to depth and along strike. The company will provide updates as they become available. Comstock Metals Ltd Symbol C : CSL Shares Issued 46,088,819 Close 2012-08-03 C$ 0.29 Comstock to acquire Seafield's 75% interest in Walhalla 2012-08-07 12:21 ET - News Release Mr. Rasool Mohammad reports COMSTOCK METALS TO ACQUIRE CONTROLLING INTEREST IN THE WALHALLA PROPERTY, WHITE GOLD DISTRICT, YUKON AND ADDS ROB MCLEOD TO THE ADVISORY BOARD Comstock Metals Ltd. has entered into a letter of intent with Seafield Explorations Ltd. to acquire Seafield's 75-per-cent interest in a joint venture with Volcanic Minerals Ltd. for the exploration and development of the Walhalla property located in the white gold district in the Yukon (described in further detail below). Walhalla property highlights: Ridge and spur and grid soil sampling have returned gold assays from below detection limit to 6.26 grams per tonne (g/t) gold (Au), 3.41 g/t Au and 2.16 g/t Au. Copper values in soil ranges from below detection limit to 266 parts per million copper (Cu). Silver values in soil range from detection limit to 7.9 g/t silver. A large breccia system in subcropping bedrock extending approximately two kilometres long and 200 metres wide is in close proximity to soil anomalies. The breccia and associated silicification is thought to be related to the Teslin fault structures. The Walhalla property consists of 1,988 quartz claims covering approximately 41,800 hectares located 120 kilometres southeast of Dawson City in the Yukon. The property is located in the white Gold district immediately east of and contiguous with Pacific Ridge's Mariposa Project. Previous work on the property identified strong anomalous gold zones in soils as well as anomalous pathfinder elements such as arsenic and barium. About 1014 ridge-and-spur samples were taken in the western, north-eastern, and south-eastern parts of the property, and significant gold-in-soil anomalies were identified in all areas. Of particular interest was a 3.41 g/t gold-in-soil anomaly in the ridge-and-spur sampling, which was followed up by 366 grid soil samples that returned a value of 6.26 g/t Au - one of the top ten historically in the entire White Gold District. Copper-in-soils and silver-in-soils are also of interest based on the results received to date. Please refer to the figures posted on the Company's website under ( Prospecting identified area of float that appears to outline a large breccia system extending approximately 2 km long and 200 m wide. Some of the high gold-in-soils and coincident copper and silver anomalies are found near the breccia. This area of the property is located along the Teslin Fault, a major regional fault system which splays out on the property and is mid Cretaceous in age, which is the age of most Yukon gold mineralization. Other parts of this large property package are underlain by intrusive and metamorphic rocks similar to those found in the White Gold district to the west, and also those which host the Minto copper-gold mine to the south. A helicopter-borne high-resolution aeromagnetic survey was also flown over the property last year, and data from this survey will be used in conjunction with assay results to identify targets for follow-up work such as grid soil-sampling, trenching, and drilling. The Walhalla project is considered prospective for discovery of several types of mineralisation, with gold the primary commodity of interest. The White Gold and similar deposits (Kaminak's Coffee gold deposit), as well as Comstock's own discovery at the QV Property are located to the southwest and northwest respectively and is the primary target. The property may be prospective for Minto style IOCG type copper-gold mineralisation (located to the southeast), as are VMS type deposits like Touleary, and Comstock intends to evaluate these possibilities also. Comstock is planning to continue with ridge-and-spur, grid soil sampling and mechanical trenching programs to identify drill targets. For detailed maps of the property and the locations, please visit the website at: The technical information in this Release has been reviewed by Gordon Davidson, P. Geol., a Qualified Person as defined by National Instrument 43-101. Terms of the LOI: Under the terms of the LOI, the purchase consideration payable by the Company for the Walhalla Property will be (i) $300,000 cash costs incurred by vendor(s) to acquire the claims, (ii) issue 500,000 common shares of the Company, and (iii) issue an additional 500,000 common shares of the Company upon the determination of an NI 43-101-compliant 500,000 ounce gold resource on the Walhalla Property. Closing is subject to certain conditions, including the execution of a definitive agreement, the execution of a joint venture agreement with Volcanic Minerals Ltd. on terms satisfactory to Comstock, the receipt of all regulatory approvals and approval of the TSX Venture Exchange, and other customary conditions. The acquisition is considered a related party transaction under TSX-V Policy 5.9 because Mr. Rasool Mohammad, an officer and director of the Company, is also the director of Seafield Explorations Ltd. The Company is relying on the exemption from the requirement to obtain a formal valuation and minority shareholder approval on the basis that the fair market value of the acquisition does not exceed 25% of Comstock's market capitalization. Following closing of the acquisition, Seafield and Mr. Mohammad (and their associates) will collectively hold approximately 8% of the outstanding common shares of Comstock (assuming the additional 500,000 contingent common shares are issued), or approximately 8.1% on a partially diluted basis. QV Project Update: The Company has completed phase one soil-sampling and an initial mechanical trenching program on the QV Property. In a press release dated July 25, 2012 the Company announced a discovery trench QVTR12-6 at the QV Project assaying 3.74 g/t gold over 75 m and open in all directions. The Company is aggressively trenching, mapping, and sampling on the discovery zone to get ready for a diamond-drill program. Offset and in-fill trenches are being dug as this News Release is being written. Canadian mining companies, investors, and mining analysts are touring the QV project this week to examine the discovery zone. Rob McLeod: The Company also would like to announce the addition of Rob McLeod, P.Geol., to the Company's Technical Advisory Board. Mr. McLeod is a highly technical, creative, and innovative exploration geologist. He has over 18 years of post-graduate experience in mining and mineral exploration, working for a variety of major and junior mining companies.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

No news from Friday.....Back on Tuesday

There was no noteworthy press releases from Friday and the Canadian markets are closed on Monday so we'll see you again on Tuesday. The Yukon may be heating up again with Comstock Metals (CSL) doubling since I mentioned them at $.145 a week or so ago. Eric Coffin is high on them and did a nice write-up in the HRA. Northern Tiger (NTR) saw increased volumes and may be about to break out. Goldquest Mining (GQC) continues to make new highs in the Dominican Republic and Canamex (CSQ) in Nevada should release the results of their next few holes this week. See you Tuesday.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

More Christmas Cards coming from China

I'm on the road so won't be able to post a video until tomorrow. However, after seeing the news of the Nexen take-out by China, I expect an avalanche of more Christmas cards being received by the Canadian institutions from the Chinese. As I've been repeating for months, it's almost criminal that the Canadian houses continue to tell investors to dump their energy shares in the midst of the greatest bull market in energy the world has seen. China needs energy. Canada has energy. It's simple - but not for the brain dead Canadian institutions and the inept US institutions. Nexen should have been bid up substantially higher forcing the Chinese to pay up for what they need. Instead, they give the Chinese what they need at substantially discounted prices. Expect the Christmas cards to continue as you can't teach an old, inept dog a new trick. stateside

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Next Video Monday July 9th - Edge Resources EDE.V Moving

No significant news from Friday July 6th. However, Edge Resources (EDE.V) was up 40% on heavy volume. I've mentioned Edge numerous times over the last few months as the one stock to own as nat gas rebounds. They started trading on the AIM (London) on Thursday and investors across the pond obviously like what they see.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Message from Jim Sinclair - Much more important than my video tonight

The Rig Is Up July 3, 2012, at 5:16 pm by Jim Sinclair in the category General Editorial My Dear Friends, Gold will go to and above $3500. This is the most important message I have sent you since 2001. There are very few of us dynamic thinkers that see everything as a trend constantly in motion. Anyone can be a static thinker, quoting recent economic figures or news headline (MSM), and coming up with a usually wrong opinion. The change today is that the "Rig Is Up." The Bank of England turning their backs on Barclays, the company who did their bidding, will be the event in time marking the trend change. Many of us in our areas of activity will successfully fight the Riggers. The many complaints that so many of you kindly sent in to fight manipulation released the Kraken in me. The Kraken is back in its cage where it belongs. The paper trail is there. The worm has turned. Even more importantly is that this fight in the $1540 gold price area was not for regaining the old high in gold. The six attempts to kill gold, supported by some gold writers looking for favors from the riggers was a now failed attempt to keep gold from trading above $3500. The battle to stop gold has been lost. The start, like all starts towards the old high and well above, should be slow with more unfolding drama. It will build on itself but gold will trade at and above $3500. I am now as certain of this as I was over ten years ago when I told you gold was headed for $1650. I knew that as fact and to me from $248 gold was trading at $1650. My job now is to define gold’s full valuation for you when it occurs. The timing is no less than one year from now to a maximum of three years from now. I believe I will be able to do that for you. This is the most important message I have written you since early in 2001. I write this with total intellectual and spiritual certainty. Respectfully, Jim .

July 3, 2012 Edition of the Stateside Report


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Good news from NuLegacy Gold (NUG.V) today

NuLegacy Gold drills 27.4 m of 1.4 g/t Au at Red Hill 2012-06-13 06:18 ET - News Release Mr. Albert Matter reports NULEGACY DISCOVERS NEAR-SURFACE HIGH GRADE OXIDE GOLD IN CORTEZ TREND, NEVADA NuLegacy Gold Corp. has released assays from the first six of the 12 holes recently drilled on its Red Hill project in Nevada. The 100-square-kilometre Red Hill project is located in the prolific Cortez gold trend adjacent to Barrick Gold Corp.'s Cortez property with its recently announced Goldrush discovery. Central mineralized zone NuLegacy Gold's hole RHB12-006 intersected several zones of oxide gold mineralization in the Central mineralized zone (CMZ) of the Red Hill project. Most notable is a near-surface 90-foot oxidized intercept (27.4 metres) of 1.4 grams per tonne gold (g/t Au), including 35 feet (10.7 metres) of 2.6 g/t Au; complete assays are shown in the associated table. The results of this vertical reverse circulation hole indicate the discovery of significant near-surface high-grade oxide gold mineralization that is likely the westerly extension of the previously identified gold mineralization in the CMZ. Historic drilling at the CMZ outlined a minor mineralized zone with grades up to one to two g/t Au. RHB12-005 was drilled to the east and returned anomalous gold. "We are very pleased with the gold assay results of hole RHB12-006," says Dr. Roger Steininger, NuLegacy's chief operating officer. "We will now focus on expeditiously delineating what could potentially be a large high-grade near-surface oxidized zone of gold mineralization." DRILL RESULTS Length Grade Hole No. From To (metres) of gold RHB12-006 57.9 67.1 9.1 0.44 and 120.4 147.8 27.4 1.40 including 128.0 138.7 10.7 2.60 and 170.7 190.5 19.8 0.20 RHB12-005 57.9 204.2 146.3 anomalous The oxidized mineralization in drill hole RHB12-006 is mostly within silicified limestone with associated trace elements and alteration indicative of Carlin-type gold mineralization. Located within the Barrick Gold option (a 60-square-kilometre portion of NuLegacy's 100-square-kilometre Red Hill project), both holes contain substantial thickness of silicified and oxidized near-surface gold mineralization. This hole, in conjunction with RHB12-005 and RHB12-003 (PR-7/5/11), indicates a much larger mineralized zone than previously indicated by historic drilling is present at CMZ. Detailed logging of the chips and incorporation of the NuLegacy drill holes with the historic data are in progress which will lead to a drill plan that will follow up on these promising results. Follow-up drilling to expand this zone of near-surface oxide gold mineralization will commence as soon as targeting and permitting of the additional drill sites are completed. Long Fault anomaly Assays have also been received for four of the six reverse circulation exploration holes drilled in the Long Fault anomaly (LFA; within the 10-square-kilometre Miranda Gold Inc. option). These holes encountered encouraging anomalous gold mineralization within favourable host rocks associated with Carlin-type gold deposit trace element and alteration intervals. The four widely spaced holes, in conjunction with previous drilling at the LFA, indicate the potential for a Carlin-type gold system. Compilation of all of the NuLegacy (and historic) drilling results is in progress to identify areas where higher-grade gold may exist. When this study is completed, additional drilling at the LFA will be considered. Further assays from the 2012 Red Hill exploration program will be released as they are received. Reverse circulation drilling on the Red Hills is by Envirotech Drilling LLC of Winnemucca, Nev., core drilling by National EWP LLC of Woodland, Calif., all under the direction and supervision of Dr. Roger Steininger (CPG 7417), NuLegacy Gold's chief operating officer. All of the samples are being analyzed by American Assay Labs (Sparks, Nev.) for gold and a suite of 36 trace elements. Sufficient commercially prepared standards, blanks and duplicates are inserted to assure quality analytical results. Data verification of the analytical results includes a statistical analysis of the duplicates, standards and blanks that must pass certain parameters for acceptance to ensure accurate and verifiable results.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

June 2012 Under the Rocks - NuLegacy Gold - NUG

Instead of the usual Sunday night video, instead I'm issuing a new "Under the Rocks" report for June 2012. The report highlights the merits of an investment in Nulegacy Gold (NUG.V). They are in the midst of a drill program in the Cortez Trend in Nevada adjacent to Barrick's newly discovered 7 million ounce Goldrush property. Barrick is spending $64 million this year with 14 drill rigs delinating one of Nevada's largest discoveries in years. NuLgacy has drilled 12 holes with assays pending - most likely to be issued over the next 5-10 days. The visuals look positive but with all drill holes, only the assays will tell the tale. They will have news to issue every few weeks during the summer to keep investors interested. The report can be accessed at the following link: REPORT HERE. As always, please do your own due diligence before investing in any security.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Sunday, May 6, 2012

No news from Friday worth your review

I spent some time perusing the news from Friday and nothing stuck out as worthy of a detailed review. On a personal front, I passed the 2-day motorcycle training class without wrecking the bike and without any falls. Next up - a search for a bike. See you on Monday.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sparse news for Friday, April 27th

Just 2 hedadlines of note so I'm just posting them here. Tomorrow we will be back with the videos: Trelawney Mining and Exploration Inc Symbol C : TRR Shares Issued 177,366,200 Close 2012-04-26 C$ 2.32 Iamgold to acquire Trelawney for $3.30 per share NiMin Energy Corp Symbol C : NNN Shares Issued 69,834,396 Close 2012-04-26 C$ 0.78 NiMin to sell San Joaquin assets for $27-million (U.S.)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bob Moriarty recommends Excalibur - Write-up

There were no press releases from Friday that seemed note worthy. In case you missed the write-up and site visit on Excalibur (XBR) from Bob Moriarty from, it is presented below: Cash Flow is King Bob Moriarty Archives Apr 19, 2012 Cash flow is king. If you don’t believe that you may want to look at a two-year chart of Rio Alto. (RIO-T) I wrote about them just over two years ago. The stock was $.44 and they were going to soon be going into production. Recently they announced quarterly production of 55,327 ounces of gold. The market likes production and cash flow. The shares are $4.37 today after hitting a recent record high of $4.76. They aren’t as cheap as they were when I wrote about them but with over 200,000 ounces of gold a year, they are still probably pretty cheap. I went to see a project in Mexico a week ago. It’s a production story similar to that of Rio Alto. Excalibur Resources (XBR-C) is putting up $2 million to fund a 250 TPD gold mill in the Pinos District of Zacetecas. The district was discovered by the Spanish in 1546 and mined up until the revolution in 1810. At its peak, the district was considered one of the three richest gold areas in Mexico. What I saw and the rocks I picked up confirmed that. A 76-year-old Phd Geologist named Don McLeroy heads Excalibur’s partner up. He has spent 30 years putting the district into one company and now he wants to get it into production. His company, Minera Apolo is the operator and 51% owner, Excalibur is funding the 1st $2 million for a mill and after that, the partners share according to their ownership. The mill is 90% complete. Don and Excalibur President Tim Gallagher watched with me as they put power to the crushers and ball mill. It may well take another 2-3 months to work out all the bugs in the system but Excalibur/Minera Apolo will be producing gold soon. Historic records show bonanza grade material, it’s all oxide and free milling gold perfectly suitable for a small mill. At this point, grade is unknown but we hand crushed a sample and it would have been multi-ounce material. If they can do 250 tons per day at 4 grams a ton, that works out to about 10,000 ounces. The program is unorthodox but it’s the way people mined and milled for centuries. The ore is there, it’s near surface, there are lots of shafts to work so capacity isn’t a problem. I would estimate their costs to be in the $100-$300 per ounce range, it will depend on grade. Right now Excalibur is a crapshoot until the mill is perfected and they learn what average grade material they can produce. But Excalibur has a tiny overhead and no costs associated with supervision. In six months, Excalibur should be milking a cash cow in the same way Rio Alto is doing. As of today, no one knows just how big or rich that cash cow will be. I bought some shares as soon as I saw the mill and I participated in a PP just being completed. I am biased. The company is an advertiser and you alone are responsible for your own due diligence. Excalibur Resources XBR-C $.16 (April 18, 2012) EXCFF-PK 51 million shares Excalibur website ### Bob Moriarty President: 321gold

Monday, April 16, 2012

April 16, 2012 Edition of the Stateside Report


Update - 51% nationalization - not 100%

The juniors are still under pressure as Argentina derails their oil industry. stateside

Looks like full nationalization of YPF

I didn't think Argentina would want to kill their entire oil and gas industry but I was wrong - socialism has no bounds when it comes to making economic sense. stateside

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Chasing Sullivan II - An Under The Rocks - Drill Watch Flash Update

It's been a while since I issued an "Under the Rocks" report but I came across a situation last week that I thought I would share with you. Many junior exploration companies have been searching for the elusive Sullivan II for the past 100 years with little success. The prize for finding the next Sullivan should equate to at least a $500 million market cap. There is a company currently drilling in search of Sullivan II with a market cap of $6 million that should know in a week to 10 days if they get a whiff of Sullivan. The company is Omineca Mining & Metals (OMM.V) and their story can be viewed at: Omineca Mining & Metals Ltd (OMM.V) – Chasing Sullivan II stateside

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Picture of tornado - 10 miles south of my home

As I was on my way to Toronto yesterday, this is a picture of what passed south of my house by 10 kilometers:

Friday, March 2, 2012

Safe and sound in Toronto Friday night

Well I had me wipers on continuosly for 9 hours and had to dodge a few tornados but neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow, nor tornados can keep me away from PDAC! stateside