Thursday, December 9, 2010

Map of EPL/PV - Iron Range Project - New Claim?

Below is a link to a map of the Iron Range Project that has generated quite a bit of excitement over the last few weeks as a result of a potential Sullivan Mine-like discovery hole #10 drilled by Eagle Plains/Providence Capital. You'll notice that Active Growth (ACK) has a large claim only 5 km's from the discovery hole. Another claim only 2 km's from the discovery hole is RUMORED (by a poster on one of the boards who was trying to secure this claim) to have been secured this morning by Fjordland Exploration (FEX). Again, this is a rumor only that has not been confirmed by the company so please do your own due diligence before considering a position in FEX.

Note - the map says Fieldex but it should say Fjordland (FEX)

Right-click the link and then "open in new window"


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