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January 31, 2012 Edition of the Stateside Report


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January 25, 2012 Edition of the Stateside Report


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January 20, 2012 Edition of the Stateside Report


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Quarterly Excalibur Report now available on the website

Just a quick note that the Excalibur Resources Quarterly Update report is now up on the website if you haven't had a chance to review it yet. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

January 19, 2012 Edition of the Stateside Report


The news a week before the news

Delphi (DEE) just announced an extremely successful NGL/Oil well directly off-setting the PEN/BBI/DEI horizontal that is currently udergoing testing and is up sharply on the news. Of course since in this sector no one does any research or has any sense of "pin action", the shares of PEN/BBI/DEI are flat to down on the day. This is the same news you should see in a few weeks from PEN/BBI/DEI which should move all 3 share prices significantly higher. Some may wish to avoid the buying rush and nibble now. Delphi Energy's Bigstone well flowing at 12.5 mmcf/d 2012-01-19 09:15 ET - News Release Mr. David Reid reports DELPHI ENERGY COMPLETES FIRST BIGSTONE MONTNEY WELL Delphi Energy Corp. has provided the following operations update. At Bigstone East, the company's first horizontal well targeting the Montney formation (100-per-cent working interest) with a surface location of 1-19-60-22W5M, has been successfully completed and flow tested at an average rate of 12.5 million cubic feet per day ("mmcf/d") over the final 24 hours of the four day flow period. The well was also producing approximately 770 barrels per day ("bbls/d") of condensate at the end of the test, although 100 percent of the frac fluid hadn't been recovered. Shallow-cut plant recoveries of natural gas liquids ("NGL's") are expected to yield an additional 30 to 35 bbls/mmcf. Completion operations consisted of a 20 stage oil-based frac program placed over the 2,760 metre "extended-reach" horizontal section of the well after successfully drilling the well to a total measured depth of 5,618 metres. The drilling operation was completed as planned with the full length of the horizontal section encountering the anticipated reservoir quality rock. The extended-reach horizontal section is up to twice as long as earlier horizontal wells in the area and is designed to reduce the number of wells required for full development by up to 50 percent with total project cost savings of approximately 35 percent. The Delphi Bigstone East 1-19 well is immediately offsetting a competitor's well with a 1,254 metre horizontal length and reported test rates of approximately 4.3 mmcf/d of natural gas and 295 bbls/d of condensate. In the Fir area, located approximately three miles (five kilometres) to the south of Bigstone East, nine horizontal wells have now been drilled. Test rates reported to date range from 3.5 mmcf/d of natural gas and 225 bbls/d of condensate, from a well with a 1,200 metre horizontal length, to a high of 15 mmcf/d of natural gas and 750 bbls/d of condensate, from a well with over 2,500 metres of horizontal length. Reported drilling success in the area continues to validate Delphi's interpretation of a large contiguous liquids-rich natural gas deposit within the Montney formation in the greater Bigstone/Fir area. A second Montney well at 5-14-60-23W5M, located three miles (five kilometres) southwest of the 1-19 well has commenced drilling and is anticipated to reach a total measured depth of 5,800 metres in approximately four weeks. A similar frac program is expected to be undertaken as part of the completion operations on this well. The Company has an inventory of approximately 100 horizontal Montney locations identified on its 45 gross (41.5 net) sections of land in Bigstone. Other emerging light oil and liquids-rich natural gas plays in the Nordegg and Duvernay formations being drilled by industry at Bigstone offer additional potential on Company lands. Delphi expects to commence construction in February on its 100 percent owned compression and field gathering infrastructure with initial capacity of 30 mmcf/d. Production from Delphi's Montney wells at Bigstone East is expected to commence in April, with start-up of these facilities. In addition, the Company has recently closed the disposition of its non-operated interests in the Sinclair Doe Creek Unit 1 and minor offsetting lands for $12.0 million. Production associated with the disposition was approximately 160 boe/d (67 percent light oil). Proceeds from the sale will be used to fund the ongoing Bigstone Montney development. Also, Delphi is pleased to report it has exceeded its fourth quarter 2011 production target of 9,200 boe/d with record production of 9,315 boe/d (29 percent light oil and NGL's). We seek Safe Harbor.

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January 16, 2012 Edition of the Stateside Report


No News From Friday - 3 Reports Sent Out

Hi, There was no significant news from Friday so I will refrain from the normal Sunday update. Over the past week I have sent out an update on Excalibur Resources, a new report on an exciting North American Shale Play and the January 2012 Edition of "Under the Rocks". Please send an email to stateside@statesidereport.com do get these reports for free. See you Monday night!

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No News from January 6th - But a homework assignment

Looking through the Friday press releases, there is nothing of interest to report on. I'm spending the time putting the finishing touches on the new "Under the Rocks" report and also will be coming out with the 5th in a series of "Four Horsemen". This North American emerging oil shale play may become a block buster as a company is currently testing a well in 5 different stages. News will be released over the next 4-8 weeks and this stock has already doubled over the past week or so. Another stock traded solely in London that has an interest in this play went up 67% on Friday topping all other stocks. The stock that I'm focusing on however has only 9 million shares outstanding and has 395,000 acres in the play. It is currently worth $2.5 million. The company drilling the well that has doubled and has a market cap of $90 million has only 200,000 net acres. Needless to say, this homework assignment stock will be a 10 bagger if the currently drilled well tests positive for this new oil shale play. Mountainview Energy was a 10 bagger for me and it had under 10 million shares. This one has the same potential. Happy Hunting!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

No news from the Canadian Junior Sector on January 3, 2012

For the first day of trading in 2012, all of the management teams from the Canadian junior resource sector must still be on holiday. I saw no news that would peak your interest today. Tomorrow should be a better day. There was some news with Chesapeake doing a JV with Total at around $14,000/ACRE on the Utica Shale play in Eastern Ohio but there are no Canadian juniors yet in the play. Have a nice night and we'll see you tomorrow.

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